dark and handsome


delicious and intoxicating

I'm looking for the face I had Before the world was made.

Too bipolar/whatever to do much with Bill right now. You'd think it would work, but delving into his headspace when I'm like this is only asking for trouble.

Love you all. I'll be back soon.

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dark and handsome
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Must post.
crying and desperate
Chatting with bbvamp:

Bill: For example, were Hoyt kept on a steady diet of your blood, he might start preferring... [knows... nothing about Jessica...] hair bows to trucks.
Jess: Oh my God, did I make Hoyt gay?
Bill: What? [totally thrown]
Bill: No-- at least. I don't... I have never... /heard/ of such a thing.
Jess: Well you said-- hair bows!

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dark and broody
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Wanted: Threads or chats with Lorena (pre-canon or early s3), Jessica (post-canon shipping please), Sam (testing out a sub!Bill to wannabealpha!Sam bunny)

angry bill
As of last night's episode, mun may have to take a bit of an RP hiatus, as a re-evaluation of Mr. Compton's character is necessary.

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Declaration of Intent
dark and handsome
 Show-verse version of [info]mayicallonyou . Playable at any point in True Blood canon.


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